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Bootleg Blondie - The Queens Hall Theater Cranbrook

Debbie Harris, the lead vocalist of Bootleg Blondie, has the looks, the voice and the attitude of the original Blondie bombshell and like her heroine is typically outrageous on stage. She has been known to wear dustbin liners, thigh-length boots and t-shirts with more holes than t-shirts! Her outfit changes throughout the performance perfectly reflect the varying stages of Debbie Harry’s career.

Bootleg Blondie deliver exactly what any Blondie/Debbie Harry fan could possibly wish for. The uncanny resemblance, and vocals, of singer Debbie Harris, and the magnificent recreation of a stream of immortal classic tunes. If the original band ever need a break, they know who to call.

Please note: Tickets are being sold on behalf of Windy Miller's Whirligig the events organiser.