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Gravesend Farmers Market

From 2017 Gravesham Borough Council relocated the farmers market producers to the Gravesend Market site and from January 2017 the Council operated the farmers market. Since 2018 My Farmers Market has had no involvement in any farmers market activities at Gravesend Borough Market.

Gravesend Farmers Market started in October 2007 on a trial basis at the request of Gravesham Borough Council. Since then the Farmers Market has become a permanent fixture on the 2nd Friday of the month.

The Farmers Market has moved location several times and was located in the Pedestrian Area of the junction of Windmill Street and New Road for 6 years.

The Farmers Market was held between 10am and 2pm and it offers a variety of local produce. The Farmers Market is supported by some very local customers who have turned out in all weathers be it snow, rain, heatwave or thick ice.