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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For users:

Q. What size should the photographs be? A. For best results make sure that your "Banner" photos are a minimum of 1200 pixels x 600 pixels and they should be as close to that ratio as possible. "Logo" photos should be square and best as 500 pixels x 500 pixels. All other "Gallery" photos do not have to be any particular size and will adjust accordingly.

Q. How do I download the app?

A. There are several ways you can download the App. You can scan the QR code at the bottom of the home page. Or, if you have an iPhone head over to the apple store and search ‘What's On In Kent’. If you have an Android phone go to Google Play and search for the same. Download the app and make sure you have the latest software update on your phone.

Q. How do I search for places on the app?

A. Simply open the app and click on the ‘search’ option at the bottom of the screen. Then you can search a place or event by name, keyword, location or date. Make sure to click the blue search button twice after putting your keywords in to ensure it goes through. On the app there is also a green arrow towards the bottom right – this allows you to go to the top of a page after you’ve scrolled down.

Q. How do I create an account on the app?

A. Once you have downloaded the app you can create an account which allows you to access extra benefits such as adding places to your favorites list. Simply click on the ‘favorites’ option at the bottom of the screen and create an account. You will need to put in your name and contact details. Next, create a username and password then you can add as many partners to your favourites as you want!

As our App is new we are continually improving it to make it perfect for you!

For Partners/Businesses:

Q. Is there a minimum contract length?

A. There is no minimum or maximum contract length – if you did decide you no longer wanted to use the service you are free to leave – all we ask is for 30 days notice.

Q. As a partner what size audience will my business reach?

A. As you can appreciate the service is new, therefore we are building our audience each month. We currently have over 15000 visitors to our website / app monthly and 4000 people have already downloaded the app so far. Users of the App usually tell an average of 6 people about What’s On In Kent! The more people tell others about the App, the more people will download it.

Q. How do I sign up as a partner?

A. It’s quick and easy to sign up as a partner! Simply click on the ‘partner sign up’ button towards the top right of the page. You will then be prompted to fill out details about your business (e.g. business name, address, contact details and partner type). Once you have done this you will be asked to create a log in – this will allow you to sign in and update your partner profile with pictures and videos of your business.

Q. Why should I advertise my business on What’s On In Kent?

A. We are targeting local people! You can update your services or products quickly and easily. You may be having a special offer you want to promote. Perhaps you are an electrician and you want to promote outside lighting. Or a builder who can build BBQs in peoples gardens. The choice is limitless and up to you! Get advertising now!

Q. How much does it cost to advertise my business on What’s On In Kent?

A. It costs less than £1.00 a day! (£30.00 per month)

We currently offer the following services:

Standard – The standard package is for businesses that would like full control of their page, they will get full access to update their own profile. £30.00 monthly subscription

Initial Set Up Service – This package gives those businesses a helping hand with their profile and our experts help create their profiles for them. We can use pictures from google for your profile but if you want to send us some over then please email: This package will include profile and logo images, gallery images (up to 9), 1 special event e.g. you may have a band playing, 1 recurring event e.g. special offer of 2 for 1 meals on a Wednesday, or a quiz night. £50.00 one off fee

Social Media Service – Our experts will take full control of creating your profile and also advertising your business on the What’s On social media platforms – regular posts and extra advertising for you! £200.00 monthly fee

Video creation service – We can create your very own video with images, text, video & music showcasing your business. This video will be 30-60 seconds in length and will also help Google rankings. We can also provide a more detailed service if you require it where we can take drone footage and film at your location, from £250.00.

If you have any questions about the website or app, then please contact us on and we will get back to you.