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Our visit to Business Bunker on Channel Radio

It was such a pleasure to speak to Paul Andrews and Zeenat Noorani last Tuesday to speak about What’s on Near Me Ltd on the Business Bunker on Channel Radio. It was a wonderful experience being able to talk about What’s on in Kent as well as What’s on in Ibiza. Including how we started up to how we are doing now.

Starting the experience with Cheesy Tunage Tuesday, playing the iconic Beatles song “Day Tripper”, there is no other song that can represent What’s on Near Me Ltd since we are dedicated to find amazing days out for you and the family. Paul’s regular co-host Jules Serkin was unfortunately unable to join us for the interview because she was ironically in Ibiza, her son runs a business named IFFKitchen which combines health with fast food. Serving an abundance of health meals without the hassle of preparing it at home, its all prepared for you.

Paul mentioned the popular platform called Kent Gigs that was presented through magazines, newspapers and online. Stating that it was such a beloved platform that unfortunately disappeared after the passing of its founder. The main difference between What’s on Near Me Ltd and Kent Gigs is that we have an app, an easy and convenient way to find things to do on short notice. Just head onto the app on your phone and have hundreds of things to do in the palm of your hand.

Talking to both Paul and Zeenat allowed us to delve into what it is we have to offer you, from key searches to pinpoint what you want to do as well as consistent up to date information. As Paul says there is nothing worse than finding an event that you’re interested in and finding out it has already passed. Our database is so vast that there really is something for everyone.

We want to break the stereotype that marketing is an expensive, complicated feature for a business. Here we are ready to do the hard work for you. For the business owners of Kent, for only £1 per day you can promote your business on your own terms. Or for a one of payment £50 we can set it all up for you, with no waiting times to be up and running on our site. We can get you featured on What’s On by the end of the day, getting you access to thousands of people each day.

Have a listen to the full interview at:

Have a listen to Day Tripper by The Beatles -


Our visit to Business Bunker on Channel Radio - Gallery image
Our visit to Business Bunker on Channel Radio - Gallery image
Our visit to Business Bunker on Channel Radio - Gallery image
Our visit to Business Bunker on Channel Radio - Gallery image