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Restoring Health Ltd - A WellBeing Centre of Excellence

If you’re in need of pain relief due to injury, poor posture or a systemic condition, check out Restoring Health Ltd in Chart Sutton, Maidstone. They deliver a bespoke programme to suit your individual needs. They offer four main types of service: soft tissue therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, bespoke exercise prescriptions and wellbeing retreats & workshops.

Soft tissue therapy can be tailored to your needs, using a combination of sports and remedial massage techniques to improve musculoskeletal alignment. Regular exercise is great for you and can improve cardiovascular capacity, tone and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and increase the production of endorphins. However, regular exercise can also put a strain on muscles and that’s where sports massage techniques come in to prevent injury caused by exercising. Remedial massage techniques are used to counteract other muscular imbalances caused by things other than exercise such as desk work, standing for long periods of time, walking on uneven surfaces and accidents like sprains, falls and strains. There are also options for Hydrotherm therapy, Swedish massage, Pregnancy massage and the Niel Asher Technique which helps to reduce damage from Frozen Shoulder.

If you use our exclusive What’s On in Kent code WO20%STT when making your online booking, you can get 20% discount on initial soft tissue therapy treatments, you can make a booking here .

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) uses cutting edge technology that works in conjunction with the body’s own recovery process to alleviate pain and restore the ability of the cells to function properly. PEMF machines produce magnetic fields which provide energy to cells in your body to stimulate them and optimise their functionality. This can be a really effective method of muscular recover. Restoring Health have the latest machines available on the market in order to support your particular conditions.

Their bespoke exercise proagrammes can be tailored to your needs, with many of the people they work with requiring rehabilitation from an injury or postural issues. They have a variety of different fitness equipment designed to make recovery fun as well as functional. The exercise studio is made to work together with soft tissue therapy and PEMF to provide the best recovery and fitness package available.

Restoring Health Ltd also offer educational WellBeing Workshops. Check out their latest one called Outside-In for information on what we should and shouldn’t be using on our skin. They offer a Wellbeing Retreat to the adorable Icknor House, a relaxing Kent countryside venue where you can do activities like yoga to soothe the soul.

Restoring Health are also running a fundraiser for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness where Jeremy Harris will be doing a wing walk on 17th September. The FASD Awareness charity is close to Restoring Health’s heart since the founder and owner of Restoring Health, Deborah Mc Nair has been working with people with learning challenges and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) since her time at Stellenbosch University (South Africa) in the 1990s. If you’d like to read more about the fundraiser, please check out their event

Any donations that you can afford would be welcome, you can donate on JustGiving here -


Restoring Health Ltd - A WellBeing Centre of Excellence - Gallery image
Restoring Health Ltd - A WellBeing Centre of Excellence - Gallery image
Restoring Health Ltd - A WellBeing Centre of Excellence - Gallery image
Restoring Health Ltd - A WellBeing Centre of Excellence - Gallery image
Restoring Health Ltd - A WellBeing Centre of Excellence - Gallery image