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CM Booth Collection - The Morgan Museum - Logo

CM Booth Collection - The Morgan Museum

If you're a car enthusiast then you'll want to visit the CM Booth Collection of Morgan Motor Cars - the biggest collection of Morgan sports cars on public display in the UK.

The collection was first opened in 1972 and has grown considerably since then. Most of the vehicles on display are in working order and several are used on the road each year.

Morgan 3 Wheelers are the main feature of the collection and a particular interest of Mr Booth, with 11 currently on display for public view dating from 1909 to 1935.

The first car was constructed by Malvern Link Garage owner H.F.S Morgan in 1909, and the Collection includes a reconstructed prototype of this built with the assistance of Peter Morgan.

The Morgan Motor Company is still in existence making a range of 4 and 3 wheeled sports cars, and you can see various examples of this classic British car at the CM Booth Collection in Rolvenden, Kent. The Collection also includes a 1929 Ford 'A', 1929 Morris Van,1904 Humber tri-car, 1936 Bampton Caravan, 1911 P&M m/c sidecar, and 1911 Premier m/c. You'll also see bicycles and tricycles, displays of toy and model cars, all surrounded with auto-mobilia courtesy of Falstaff Antiques.

Entry is just £5 for adults, £1 for children aged 4-14 years.