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All the tools your business needs to drive revenues and delight customers.

End-to-end ordering, marketing and management.

  • Branded websites that keep your customers coming back

The fastest, smartest way to enable direct ordering and grow your business: your own branded website that enables customers to order from any device.

  • Mobile apps that drive conversion

It’s your app, your brand, and your delicious food. Flipdish provides beautiful, easy-to-use native iOS and Android apps that put your business right in your customer’s pocket. Result: more orders, more loyalty, more revenue.

  • Orders flow seamlessly into your POS system

Your online and app orders are ingested directly into your Flipdish POS system, categorised and clearly displayed on screens to the relevant parts of the kitchen for more efficient production. No more re-punching orders and making errors – happier customers.

  • Built in loyalty, reactivation and acquisition campaigns

Flipdish allows you to automate and customise an entire marketing program - direct from the Flipdish portal. With direct access to all your customer data and insight, you can build long-term relationships with your customers and long-term loyalty as a result.

  • Know your customer, grow your business

With Flipdish, you get to know your customer by name. That means the ability to customise service and build relationships through marketing campaigns. And it means insight at the individual level - the insight you need to grow your brand and business.

  • Acquire new customers with Flipdish Managed Marketing

Need help attracting new customers? We can help. Our dedicated experts can create and manage search and social marketing campaigns and drive that all-important direct traffic to your door. From search engine optimisation (SEO) to bespoke social media campaigns, we can turn any restaurant into a local hero!

  • Build your customer database with Flipdish

Unlike aggregators or marketplaces, Flipdish will never get between you and your customer. In fact, we make sure that you have customer details available directly in the Flipdish portal. Check contact details, customer value, order frequency and a whole host of data - quickly and easily.

  • Power marketing campaigns with customer data

Automate and customise entire marketing programs - direct from the Flipdish portal. We support the delivery of loyalty reward campaigns, plus re-activation and acquisition discounts, all defined and optimised to suit your business. With direct access to all your customer data and insight, you can build long-term relationships with your customers and long-term loyalty as a result.

  • A wealth of insight

We believe knowledge is power. That’s why we provide detailed insight around orders, customers and stores all within the Flipdish Portal. Analyse sales, identify areas for growth, deliver reactivation campaigns to customers you haven’t seen in while. Data gives you the ability to do it all.

  • Track every order

Flipdish gives you more insight than any other online ordering system. Watch every order come in, accept or reject with the tap of a button, integrate directly into your POS. Then go about your business knowing that every transaction is safely stored and powering new insight for tomorrow.

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Demo Days - Flipdish

Calling all Dublin restaurant owners.

to join us for a day of demos and discover how we can revolutionise your restaurant management. From our powerful all-in-one POS solutions to our intuitive KDS and Kiosk systems, experience how we can help you make your restauran... (click below to read more)

When: Tue 16 07 2024 at 11:00 am

Until: Tue 16 07 2024 at 3:00 pm

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